A lonely MIRAI with no acquaintances.
One day,
rescued a chicken that was being attacked by a cat at a shrine.
For some reason, Mirai and the chicken named "CHA-BO" were able to talk.
Mirai met with severe bullying and became unable to talk to anyone.
I moved alone to the deserted fishing village "Ishina" in Sotokafu, Sadogashima.
The lonely future decided to live with Cha-bo
Mirai leaves home to go to school with Cha-bo
However, due to the trauma of bullying, I turned back halfway through.
Every day, Cha-bo continues to encourage the future to go to school.
1242 ISHINA village SADO
HYOU, who can talk to birds with the mysterious power of a shrine maiden,
picks up a mysterious chicken that is injured and unable to move.
At first I thought I would eat it and brought it home,
but I felt sorry for him and decided to keep him as a pet.
One day, HYOU and CHA-BO went to the next town to sell cloth.
However, on the way home, which was quite late,
I was surrounded by a pack of wolves.
Cha-bo chose to give up his life to protect the HYOU.
The next moment when the wolf's fang tried to tear ice and Chabo apart
Wolves blow away one after another.
When the ice opened its eyes... there was a mysterious bird there.
Mirai was crying at the bus station. I couldn't go to school today either. CHA-BO encourages such a MIRAI. Then a strange bird appeared.
The bird named Toki speaks to Cha-Bo
『He's awake, will he fight again? my friend』
Cha-bo answers without hesitation.
『Isn't that natural...because it's a promise with HYOU』
From that day on, TOKI, CHA-BO, and MMIRAI began living together as one and two birds.