date of birth:2002/9/12
B64 W55 H64

girl with pink hair。
Because of her hair color, she is the target of intense bullying.
Living alone in Ishina, Sado
I can't talk to people because of the emotional scars I received from being bullied.
Entered high school in Sado, but did not attend school from the first day of school

For the time being, I wear a uniform every day and go out, but I turn back on the way。
For some reason I can talk to strange birds


date of birth:????
Age:19(1242) Sex:Woman
B88 W64 H80

A woman who lives on the outskirts of Ishina Village.

Although he has a gentle personality and treats everyone kindly,
he is avoided by the villagers because of his mysterious powers.
She is known as the "Shrine Maiden of Stargazing" due to her mysterious prophecies.
 and mysterious knowledge.
Although he is cheerful every day, he also has a lonely and stubborn side.

Picking up a strange chicken "Chabo" on the roadside.
At first, I thought I would eat it, but I feel sorry for him and I live with him.
You can talk with some animals by the power of the shrine maiden of stargazing.

Looking at CHA-BO and TOKI with rotten eyes.


date of birth:???
Age:??? SEX:maybe male
tall:3 apples size
Although it is a natural monument, breeding and meat consumption are legal. HYOU, or MIRAI domesticated chickens

A strange chicken that seems to have a longing for crested ibis and wants to become crested ibis someday.


date of birth:don't remember
Age:not counting SEX:male among males

Served Emperor Juntoku(MORINARI) and fought through the Jokyu War together.
Strong enough to easily knock down wolves

After a certain incident, he started living with HYOU and CHA-BO. Looking at the HYOU breasts with naughty eyes.
Be devoted to MIRAI and treat them like a father or a lover